The Magnificient Mind 

You Can Manifest What You Want In Life Through Law Of Attraction!

Basic Introduction of Law of Attraction extracted from the Video course 

  • Health - Healthy Life can be achieved by continuing manifesting and recognising your thoughts, feelings, intensity and the patterns in your life with the well-being of your body.

  • Wealth - Money is just a means of exchange to improve your life. Soak and saturate your mind with ideas of lavishness and magnificience about money and wellness will ultimate be attracted to you and enriched your life. 

  • Relationship - you will attract those people, event and experiences that match your state of being. Focus on  the underlying reason of your desire and you will be rewarded with the loving relationship.

                             My Story

My name is Chow Tay living in asian. Millions of people have now heard and watched "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byrne and released in 2006 based on her film "The Secret", a theory which brings phrases like "positive thinking" and "the law of attraction" to everyday conversations. There are many success stories using Law of Attraction in Internet and the story I'm about to tell you is an all too familiar one.

Due to the nature of my corporate work, I tend to get stress up easily and get sick with headache every 1 to 2 months a year ago. Having exposed to LOA and started to watch video board daily and told myself I am healthy and strong from time to time. After few months, I realised headache has not returned though the workload is as heavy.

One day I was awoken in the middle of the night with food poisoning symptoms and I had an important event for the next morning. I instantly knew what had caused this unease but knew that dwelling on it would get me nowhere. I was fearful- but I believed in what I had learned about the power of the Universe or the Law of Attraction. As unpleasant as I was feeling, I knew this was an opportunity to put what I had learned about LOA to the test. My body in-pain and my mind racing as it usually happens when I am feeling ill. I knew that surrendering and calling an ambulance were my best option. Aloud I said ‘I will be healed ’, ‘Allow me to receive the Wellness’ and other similar requests. Then, in my mind I ‘saw’ a Universe List with all the healthy signs. I knew my only job was to relax. I start to focus on the positive things and control my breathing. In the quiet night, I completely distracted myself from the unease of my body. Within moments I felt this comforting feeling wash over me and within about 30 minutes I felt relaxed- and well. A few hours later, I got up to prepare for my day feeling wonderful and refreshed (amazing since I’d had just a few hours sleep)- and all the more so due to this ‘miracle’.

From then onwards, I started to do more research from Internet how to reprogram my subconscious mind. With my health improving, I started to practice LOA via daily afirmation. I had also started to progress what I learnt from LOA to other aspects of my life like Wealth and Relationship. I shared this to my close friends and they were amazed about it and some started to follow me to derive the benefits of LOA.

I found out that LOA has a harder time working when your subconscious mind isn't on board with the idea. So, even though you may consciously want better health, your subconscious could be sabotaging your effort for reasons you might not even know. If you suspect your subconscious mind getting in the way of your well-being, tackle this first to root out any deep limited beliefs. When a person has consistent negative thoughts their body will be affected with the manifestation of disease. When you have happy and positive thoughts disease cannot thrive in your body and you will experience great health and beauty. Stress, anxiety and fearful thoughts break down the body natural immune system and causes disease to manifest in the body. People who live in fear of attracting diseases are the people who manifest them. The body responds to thoughts that are impressed upon it from the subconscious mind. That’s why it is important to focus your thoughts on thoughts of positivity, love, happiness, abundance and prosperity to keep your body from ever manifesting disease. If you have already manifested a disease or illness; you will first need to let go of the attention to the problem, because if you continue to focus on it you will create more of it.

The question to you is simple, if you want:

  1.  Experience a feeling of happiness and wellbeing
  2.  Feeling healthier and more energetic
  3. Growing their wealth
  4. Transiting onto new career opportunities or getting promoted
  5.  Feeling more connected and love with the people around them
  6.  Rekindling old relationships or starting new one.

To assist more people understand and how to apply LOA effectively in Health, Relationship & Wealth , I started months of relentless work with the help of a couple of partners to create The Magnificient Mind video course. The course syllabus are made up of 10 high quality videos slides around 10 minutes each.

This collection of 10 high quality video slides are presented separately by a male and female speaker. Meaning you have the preference to listen to the male or female speaker narrating the videos slides to you.  We spent many weeks on this till we are fully satisfied a high quality video slides were created and believe this course shall help  to empower your subconscious mind in the LOA journey and attract all of the things you desire in life.

Syllabus of the Video Course

  1.  The Definition of  Law of Attraction
  2.  Law of Attraction Basics
  3.  How Does The Law of Attraction Work
  4.  Proof That The Law of Attraction Works
  5.  Challenges In Law of Attraction
  6.  How To Make Law of Attraction Work
  7.  How To Apply Law of Attraction In Health
  8.  How To Apply Law of Attraction In Relationship
  9.  How To Apply Law of Attraction In Wealth
  10.  Believe In Yourself: Why You Can Have Everything  You Want

Success Stories of Magnificent Mind Video Course

Health & Body

I have a relative Yin who has Anorexia. Her weight was so bad (34 kg)  that she was admitted to Hospital for 2 weeks just to made sure she eat more everyday to regain weight. I shared with Yin my Magnificent Mind video course and the benefits of LOA in maifesting the good things about Health and Food. Within 3 months after discharge,  she manged to regain her weight to 45 kg and is on her own without needing to continue the fortnight consultation  with the doctor. The positive mindset of LOA has cured her Anorexia completely.

Wealth & Fame

I met up with my ex-colleague Ken who has started his Internet marketing business for a couple of months but could not made a single cents after 2 months of hard work.  I shared the Magnificent Mind video course I created for LOA with him and he began his journey to manifest the feeling of success and money coming to him daily while still persisted on the business. Behold, within a week he called to tell me that sales had started coming him through his paypal account and was happy that LOA really work for him. 

Relationship & Love

My friend Mel came to me one day to highlight his poor relationship at home with his brother. They seems to argue almost everyday and have different opinions how the house is run, from laundary, house cleaniness to sharing of toilet. I shared the Magnificent Mind and explained the important to focus on positive feelings daily so that he can stay amicably with his brother.  He also started to engage his brother proactively in commmon hobby like swimming and I was glad that after 2 months their relationship has improved tremendously. Now they are willing to communicate and discuss any differences and enjoyed a healthy relationship.

Honestly, I could name practically a very high price for this material. The program I’m going to share with you today is going to give you a good start to understand the rationale and how you should manifest.  This will help in saving unwanted time and effort to achieve your desire goal.  To put a fair market value on it would keep it out of the reach for many folks, and that’s certainly not my intention.

Look, I have been personally paid handsomely many times over for this information. And my goal now is to make this affordable to everyone. Initially my intent is to made it available to you for just $49 – a fraction of it’s true worth.  And just to sweeten the deal, I decided to offer this Magnificent Mind video course today for an incredible discounted price of just $14.97 (A savings of more than 69%!) conside the time and effort we put in. However, this reduced price is only valid for a limited time as shown on the counter and we will slowly increase the price.


# Bonus

To sweeten the deal further,  I would like to offer you additional Bonus of an eBook worth $9.97 for Free if you sign up for the video course. It is title "Law of Attraction - Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny".  It is a collation of findings on the basic of LOA, approach of manifestation and how emotion and feelings are triggered to achieve the inner desire of our wants. I also summarised some of the common mistakes in manifesting and why sometimes LOA did not work out as anticipated.


Benefits of LOA (Magnificent Mind Video Course)

  • Feel of Inner Happiness & Relax with current reality
  • Develop an improved ability to stay focused and centred
  • Cultivated greater resilience and ability to draw resources that you require
  • Create a positive mental altitude  for mindset of Abundance & Success
  • Influence & Attract Like Minded people for a common cause or goal
  • Attract Health & Body that you want
  • Attract Wealth & Fame into your Life
  • Attract Good Relationship & Love that you desire
  • Bonus of eBook worth $9.95 "Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny"

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

" One of the high quality video on LOA with clear & precise message to  begin your manifestation and improve your life...."

Ling Yin | Freelance Tutor

" New to Law of Attraction and Magnificent Mind truly provide me as a good start on manifestation. Also the audio course that follows are great lessons to learn how to use the mind and feelin to attract what you desire in life!"

Ken Ker| Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Question: Do I need technical skills to make this work?

Absolutely not. All you need is a computer or mobile device  to watch the video training and an internet connection to start manifestation :)

Question: Will these methods and strategies get obsoleted?

Definitely not. The LOA is based on university law and there is abundancy for ALL of us with the right mindset and manifestation taught in this course to acquire what we want in life!

Question: Are there any OTOs or Upsells after I order?

Yes, there are one downsell and upgrade packages that we are offering. These are of course optional purchases - but we wanted to make them available to you so that you can take  the necessary information and guidance to go beyond to the NEXT level.

Question: When can I expect to see results?

Like everything in life, you have to take action to get results. The sooner you can complete the training and implement what was share and taught, you can get the desire results in a month or so. 

Question: What if I have questions?

We have amazing support  via and will answer any questions you have within one business day. We are here to make sure you have success with this UNIQUE and PROVEN method.

Question: How can Magnificent Mind benefit me?

By  manifesting the simple lessons shared inside this product, you can expect more positive and desire outcome and increased your awareness of the abundance nature around us. In other words, you will soon  be able to attract what you want in life.

The fact is, thanks to my ironclad 60-day money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose, and only a Magnificent Mind to gain! I invite you to take action now, and try the video course without risk for the next 60 days. If for any reason you feel that these videos aren't helping you manifest the life you want to live, simply send us an e-mail for a full refund of your purchase price.

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